Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 1173: May The 4th Be With You

I told the kids that this morning (remember, they are HUGE Star Wars freaks fans).  They seriously thought I was the coolest person ever.  Even after I told them I did not think of that on my own.

Please, don't ever grow up and decide I'm actually not cool at all.

Anyway, this week has flown by.  It's jam-packed.  And I'm learning that being busy is okay.  I just need to keep happily plodding along, rather than feeling put-upon.

And, while I used to hesitate to offer to help anyone for fear that I would be feeling depressed when the time came to follow through, I'm learning that keeping service regularly scheduled throughout my week actually does more for boosting my mood.  Not that all service can be scheduled in.  But, I'm also learning to be flexible with my schedule, so I can be available for that kind too.  And it all really helps my mood and attitude.

And rhyming skills.

Highlights from the past few days include getting new linoleum in the kids bathroom and the toilet re-attached--no more sharing a bathroom!, the carpets re-stretched and nailed down, a fun dinner date with HH last night,

Making this strawberry shortbread with the kids early in the week, when it was beautiful weather and we ate outside.  We had snow Wednesday and Thursday--not a highlight.  But, running in my new shoes definitely was!  And doing another 1-mile fun run with the kids this morning, even though it was freezing cold!  And lastly, a fantastic recital from the above dynamic duo.  Love those kids.

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Linda said...

If your kids are as amazing as mine (and I think they are), you'll ALWAYS be cool, no matter how much they grow up. We loved sharing the recital with you. :)