Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 1186: Fantabulous Day

You know how sometimes I say, "Today was not my favorite day"?

Well, today was not one of those days.

Good times at Boot Camp this morning.  Cleaning out the garage.  And then I got my new porcelain crown.  No more yucky stainless steel tooth!  Although, there was also some drilling removed in order to replace another, nearby filling that is apparently too old, and I might have not been numbed thoroughly, so now my mouth is not feeling super happy.

But, I have a pretty new crown and a pretty new filling.  And, hopefully, no more dental work for some time.

And then, I got to come home and teach my good friend who watched my kids for me how to make freezer jam.  Not that she wouldn't have been totally capable of reading the box directions herself.  But, it was certainly more fun together.

Plus, it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with a "new" recipe I've been coming across online.  Strawberries, chia seeds, and honey.  Mix it in a jar and I have jam.  And we love it.  So much easier, quicker, and significantly less messy!  Not to mention, a billion times healthier.

I'm pretty dang happy about it.

And great conversation with my friend all the while.

A great day.

And then, we went outside for some play time.  Kite flying, bike riding, bubble blowing.  And these sweet snuggles.

I love this season.

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Linda said...

Me too! And I'm guessing that fall is still your favorite, right?