Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 1185: Little Talks

I don't know about you, but I love baby bums.  They are just ridiculously adorable.  This photo is a little bit sad, too, though.  It represents the end of an era.  Her hair is only sticking up because it's wet.  Once it dried, it fell.  Not completely, there is small bit that still sticks up in the back.  But, it's only a half-hearted effort.  I'm a little sad.

Good thing there is still a cute bum to cheer me up.

Actually, I'm feeling pretty cheery.

Today was another day like the last several.  Except that I was kind of thwarted in most of my efforts towards all the various projects.  But, at least we know what won't work now.

HH and I have kind of been tag-teaming it all week and not spending a lot of time actually together.  So, when he finally got home from the gym, after a Scout Court of Honor, we just kind of started chatting.  And somehow kept on chatting for the next hour and a half.

So, getting up at 5 AM tomorrow is going to be rough.

But, shooting the breeze with HH and laughing together was worth every minute of it.  He is so very much my best friend.

I love my HH.

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