Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 1188: When Things Go Wrong In A Good Way

I woke up this morning in a terrible mood.

Partly because I was being woken up an hour earlier than expected.  I don't do well with that on the best of days.  But, today I had stayed home from the gym for the sole purpose of catching up on sleep!  So, I was bugged.

And really worried.

My sweet boys have been significantly less than sweet lately.  And I'm getting a little bit crazy about it. So, mix in a tired, grumpy attitude and I just knew today had no hope for being a good day.  I knew I would wind up yelling at them both all day and that everything would be just awful.

And I felt myself slipping.  Down into the bottomless abyss.


I cried.  Which woke up HH.  Fortunately, he was a lot nicer about being woken up early (of course, by this time it was only about 5 minutes early for him) than I was.  He listened and offered support.  And then I said my morning prayer and fervently prayed for help.

And it came.

In a most unexpected way.

Baby B suddenly had a 180 turn about potty training and has been quite gung ho about it all day.  Which means that I've been checking in on him (and consequently, Little M) every 5 minutes or less.  And giving tons and tons of praise as he keeps his pants dry (this, unfortunately, did not include our outing to a local play center. :( ).  Naturally, it makes it very easy for me to praise Little M at the same time for any good behavior he is exhibiting.

They are both Attention Fiends.  So, all of the positive attention led to a really good day, thus far.  And I've been so anxious about Baby B's determination to forever stay in diapers, that the couple of accidents he has had have felt very inconsequential.

It's all about perspective.

And a whole lot of help from a loving Heavenly Father.

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