Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 1189: A Fact That Seems Like It Can't Be True

I think I participated in my first ever 10k race today.

This seems weird because I've been running and racing forever.  But, to my memory, this was my first 10k race.

I did race a 10k another time, but it was part of a triathlon, so it's in a different category.

Anyway, this morning's race was pretty fun.  The weather was perfect.  It seemed like the wind was always in our faces on the uphills and at our backs on the downhills.  I might have preferred the opposite, but it was okay.

My goal time 48 minutes and I did it in just under 47, so I'm pretty happy.  I pushed myself pretty hard the whole way.  I would like to eventually be able to do it in 42, but for all that the last year has brought me, I'm really proud and pleased with that time.

And it pretty much kept me on a runner's high all day.

Super excited for my triathlon in four weeks!!!

Super grateful for HH and his support in these things since it means he's stuck watching all four kids by himself!

1 comment:

Linda said...

GREAT TIME! How do you reach the point that it's fun to run that far?

Dad says "good time!"