Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 1192: Workout Buddy

Today ended up being kind of stressful.  Potty training Baby B is getting a little exhausting.  He's doing pretty well, all things considered.  But, I have to follow him around everywhere because he's not as reliable when I let him out of my sight.

So, my house is trashed and I'm getting nothing done and I'm a little tired of sitting on the bathroom floor and reading stories.

I shouldn't say that.  I am grateful for this little boy and the effort he is making to get potty trained and I know it is a blessing to have someone to read stories to in the first place.  Today was just long.

I went to the Open House at the kids' summer camps this morning.  It was fun to have them show me all they've done and learned.  They were pretty proud.  It was a little chaotic because they were happening simultaneously, so I had to keep going back and forth between class rooms, but they seemed to be pretty understanding of my predicament.

Baby B's favorite part was definitely this moment.  And he actually did a pretty good job of being gentle with that poor little snake, too.

So, best thing for the end of a stressful day--HH and I went for a bike ride together.  My first time on a bike since before I got pregnant with Darling A.  Which meant that I slowed to practically a crawl at every turn and corner, but during the straight parts, it was great fun!  And it was just so nice to get out and have a good time with my HH.

Of course, some of that de-stressing was diminished when we got home and couldn't get our new bike rack off of the hitch on the van and I was wondering if we were going to have to somehow saw it off, but, in the end, we figured it out (thank you, The Internet!) and all was well again.

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Linda said...

I'm constantly impressed with how much a family of little 'uns can do in just one day! And happy to hear you get the bike rack off with no damage. :)