Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 1193: Sowing

We had hardly any rain last summer and our yard took a big hit.  Today we finally tackled all of the dead spots--in the rain, no less.  As I shoveled dirt from the wheel barrow into a particularly large dry spot while getting drenched, I reflected that I would much prefer being soaked by rain than by sweat.  Plus, I'm sure the on/off rain we had all day was perfect for helping our new seeds feel at home.

This is a somewhat daunting task we've had on our to-do list ever since the snow thawed.  I can't express what a relief it is to have it done.  Assuming it all "takes" and our lawn actually improves.

The really nice thing is that the past several weeks we have had so much planned to accomplish for the day that we never get close and I finish the day feeling really frustrated by all of the interruptions that naturally occur in the course of the day with four young children.  Today we finished what we wanted to do and I even had time for a shower.

And then HH and I went out for dinner and a movie to celebrate his birthday--a few days late.  It was a really really great evening.  Yummy dinner (pad Thai!) and a fun movie.  And, as always, a really great guy to hold hands and share everything with.

And then we came home and discovered that what we had believed to be water spilled by Baby B on the fitted sheet on our bed was actually some other substance.  That refused to dry.  We are pretty sure it was lotion, but we'll never know for certain.

And it just kind of piled onto the stress of all the other things he has recently destroyed, ruined, wasted, made a mess of.  And then all the other stresses and worries decided to jump on the band wagon... and, well, you can guess where things headed.

Boo.  Horrible end to what had otherwise been a great day.

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