Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 1179: And The Girls

I ended up doing some more yard work this morning.  Not the type that I'm usually in charge of.  Knowing that I'm serving HH is the only thing that makes it bearable.  And it makes me appreciate him all the more as well.

It was another good day.

I started to get frustrated at one point this afternoon with an exasperating Baby B and then I thought, "It's not worth it."  And I was able to just let the negativity go and find peace again.

I'm sure I won't always be able to do that, but today I did and it was nice.

Tonight, the boys went on a Father and Sons camp out, while we girls had a little crafting and ice cream fun at the church with friends.

And then, we wrapped up the evening with dinner and a movie.  I let Sweet P choose where we picked up dinner and Arby's was her immediate choice.  We have exotic taste around here.  They are both sporting clips made by Sweet P and I.  And if you look really closely, you can see the ring on Sweet P's finger.  I have a matching one.  That is pretty darn girly and cutsie for my Sweet P.

It was a fun evening.  Darling A didn't last through much of the movie (Matilda--I'm working on introducing Sweet P to one of my all time favorite books) before heading to bed.

I love my girls!

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Linda said...

I love the photo of those 2 cute girls! - hey, one of the "non-robot" words is anydeva. :0)