Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 255: Pre-Hatch Counting

*WARNING*  Today's post has a bit of an "EWWW!" factor.

That's sort of what I'm doing today (referring to the title).  I'm counting those chickens before they hatch.  At least one of them.  The one that says I can return to my afternoon snacks of cheese and crackers and my nightly bowl of ice cream.

So, I sort of fell off the wagon for a bit at our Girl's Craft Night last Saturday.  I ate a brownie that was not dairy-free.  Please don't condemn me--brownies are truly my weakness.  The heavenly scent wafting through my friend's kitchen was more than I could bear.  And it was DELICIOUS!  Underdone, gooey, and goopy--PERFECTION!!

So, I've been watching Baby B's BM's (a.k.a. poops) in earnest to determine how guilty I need to feel about that brownie episode.  And guess what?!  They have been perfectly normal!  Could it be?  I don't know.  The ingredient that was a no-no in the brownies was milkfat from the chocolate that went in.  Technically, his intolerance is for the dairy and soy proteins.  So, maybe this means absolutely nothing.  But "milkfat" is not on any of the "okay-to-ingest" lists, so I don't think it's nothing.  No, not nothing.  Awesome.

So, crazy as it sounds, today's Joyful Moment was opening up a poopy diaper to see perfectly "normal" poop for the third day in a row!  I'm still going to wait until he is officially 6 months old because that seems like the right thing to do.  But I was getting all geared up to cry when I can't steal my kids' Reese's Peanut Buttercups on Halloween and then to just sit outside in the snow where I wouldn't smell butter laden rolls and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving (not really a turkey person).

Thanks to today's nasty Joyful Moments, there is hope!

Wishing you all nasty Joyful Moments (because everyone should have the experience of being elated over poop at least once in their life)!


Melanie said...

I have to laugh at this because one of my joyful moments was over poop too. My youngest boy ran to the toilet today on his own and did his thing all by himself. I can't believe that after almost 12 consecutive years of daily diaper changes...I'm almost at the end of the tunnel. Wow!

Linda said...

Okay, you and Mel both made me LOL - thanks!

I talked on the phone with our oldest son when he called to thank us for something we gave him. JOY is having kids who are as amazing and wonderful as I ever hoped they'd be now that they're "all growed up". love you!