Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 269: Choices

So, I've been going through a bit of a rough patch as of late.  Mostly just cranky.  Yesterday HH had a stressful day, too and then (lucky him) came home to Mrs. CrabbyPants.  We just sort of rubbed each other the wrong way all evening and made each other grumpier.  So, after posting here last night, I sat and caught up on other friends' blogs for a bit while the back of my brain worked through things.  I finally remembered what I've already learned a billion times:  I can choose to stay mad at HH for no real reason besides that I'm just grumpy, or I can choose to not be.

After an hour and a half, I was ready for the second choice.  I went upstairs and apologized to him for being lame when he needed a little support.  He's pretty much always great at forgiving, so we went to bed maybe a little bit sad with the world, but at peace and love with each other.

Which made waking up this morning better than it otherwise would have been.  I had an early appointment with a psychologist (yay) that I was pretty apprehensive about.  Having HH on my side definitely helped put me at ease about it.  But it was still a hectic morning getting myself and the kids ready to head out the door, dropping them off at a friend's, and then driving across town to the therapist my doctor picked out for me.

That went all right.  The rest of the day went okay.  A friend invited us to go swimming in the afternoon.  I never want to do that because it just feels like too much work, but today I decided it was worth the sacrifice for how much the kids would love it.  So, after naps I got everyone all ready, woke poor Baby B up from his nap early, and loaded everyone in the car.  We pulled in to the gym parking lot just in time for Sweet P to puke all over the entire back half of the van.


We went home and I spend an hour cleaning out the van.  Which was nice because I've been meaning to give it a deep cleaning for sometime now.  I just would have preferred to do this sans the throw up smell that almost made me toss my own cookies a few times.

Not a Joyful Moment--in case you were wondering.

Where am I going with all of this?  Well, I just needed to set the stage for you that today was not the best of days.  And then factor in that I'm already leaning toward crankiness anyway, and well, you get the picture.

And that was when I realized that if I didn't do something, we'd have a repeat of yesterday and really, yesterday was pretty lame.  So, I put on a crazy pair of pants that might be part of my Halloween costume if I can figure out what all to put together (basically, they are super-tight, snake skin, pleather pants--awesome).  And I kept them on until HH got home.

It's amazing what a crazy pair of pants can do to a couple of tired, cranky-prone adults.  Don't worry, nothing crazy happened.  It just made HH smile which made me smile at him instead of griping at him.


So, choosing to rise above the bad attitude that is seriously fighting to take over my world right now was my Joyful Moment.

The End.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that happen in an instant but take a novel to explain!


Meg said...

Um, that sounds like an awful day. I'm so sorry!

My joyful moment was that Weston was able to work from home this afternoon- which was wonderful because I'm super sick and didn't know what to do to take care of Wyatt and myself all day long.

I love you. And I need to talk to you about breastfeeding. :)

Nikki said...

Cheryl, you are just so sweet. I love reading your blog. It sounds like a tough day, and a little stinky at one point. I am glad that a little silliness brought a little happiness to the day.

Joyful moment today: I had a crown put on yesterday (I am getting older) and I was a little bummed and cranky too. My boss sent me home (which was nice) and I got some well needed R&R yesterday. I am fresh as a daisy today. That's a nice feeling.

Anonymous said...

On the up side...
I wonder if this blog you committed to isn't forcing you to find the bright side of some of the inevitable irritations you run into from time to time. That's a really good thing. Whatever it takes to sweeten an otherwise ordinary or even yucky day! So much of our moods is simply a mind set.

I'm discovering that my blog tends to get me out and doing things more than I might otherwise. It's that little push I need to get me moving some days. Otherwise my blog would get way too dull. ;-(

Linda said...

I agree with Gus.

You've been on my mind a bit these past few days, and I'm praying for you. I'm grateful we get to see you in a few weeks. Those thoughts bring me a ton of joy. :)

I had a joyful day; Russell doesn't have to have the billiblanket (sp?) on any more and is letting all the adults in the house catch up on some sleep. Now if we could just figure out how to have his siblings do the same...

love you!