Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 274: Most Anti-Climatic Halloween Ever

But if we're being totally honest--and I'm always honest--I really don't care that today didn't feel like Halloween at all.  I think we celebrated plenty for one Halloween.

Today's Joyful Moment was seeing a picture of my mama tacked to the wall at church.  Last year when she graduated, they took a photo of her jumping triumphantly in the air.  With her legs kicked back, just like in those old Toyota commercials.  Except, she's wearing a cap and gown.  And in keeping with our tradition of honesty, how cool is it that my mom went back to school and got another degree (she graduated way back when (but not that way back when--she's still a young'un) with her associates, but now added on a Bachelors)?

And now, she's in an ad encouraging other people to do the same.  And because it's involved with Brigham Young University and the Church's stance on continuing education, I guess, she gets to be stuck on the bulletin board on the wall.  And that makes me happy.

And it might have made me laugh a little bit, too.

And now, some photos to go along with the last couple posts:

If you count the one lonely leg already attached to the toy (and sitting there all by its lonesome for the last few weeks), you will see 5 (FIVE!) left legs.  And there on the right, the coveted, long-awaited right leg.  Blessed right leg!

And I recognize that this is not a great photo, but look how happy he is to be playing in his new toy!  He still loves it!

And these are the intestines I made.  It's okay, I'll say what you're thinking for you:  Awesome.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are:  Awesome.


Melanie said...


Thanks for your phone call. This was just about the craziest Sunday ever. I'd love to talk to tomorrow???

Meg said...

Actually, I was thinking: GROSS!

Linda said...

Actually, I was thinking DISGUSTING! and SUPER CREATIVE! and that I should have taken a biology class some time in my life.... or maybe that I'm glad I didn't?

This was a hard day - I had to say good bye to my oldest daughter and her sweet family after 2 weeks of them letting me a part of their joy. So I guess my joy is that I have the 5 most wonderful kids and that they married 5 more wonderful people and that they have provided 15 amazing grandchildren. That's a lot of JOY!