Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 185: Blessed

Today Baby B was blessed in church. It's a ceremony where the dad offers a prayer of inspired blessings for the baby. I was so pleased to have some of my family members still in town and able to participate.

Listening to the blessings listed by HH was a sweet peaceful Joyful Moment.

I've been able to record and write down the blessings for Sweet P and Little M. This morning was a little harried and frantic and it wasn't until the blessing began that I remembered I wanted to do the same for Baby B. I finally found a pad of paper, but I could not locate a pen. So, I tried desperately to get my single remaining (frazzled) brain cell to commit it to memory as HH spoke it. And I felt really sad about how pathetic I knew this attempt would be.

After the meeting, my friend presented me with a piece of paper on which she had written as much of the blessing as she could while HH gave it. And that was another fabulous sweet wonderful Joyful Moment. I have such great friends.

Wishing you all peaceful sweet fabulous wonderful Joyful Moments!


Anonymous said...

Learn wisdom by the follies of others.............................................................

Linda said...

This was a day full of joy. I'm going to mention my joy in returning my sister's car to her after she let us use it to drive here almost a week ago. With less that 24 hours notice, she agreed to our plan of driving one of her vehicles the first leg of her move, helping us and hopefully helping her. Families are the greatest invention EVER!