Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 205: Alabare!

That means something like, "I will praise God forever". It is the title of a song and also the name of a choir HH was invited to join. The choir sang back up for George Dyer this evening. To be completely honest, I wasn't really looking forward to attending the concert. Except for the part where I'd get to watch HH sing. He always looks really sexy singing on stage.

I YouTube-ed this guy and maybe I was in a funky mood or something, but I wasn't all that impressed. So when they introduced him tonight as "one of the to 10 tenors in the world", I felt a little sheepish about my bad attitude. Turns out the man can sing. Really really well. Really. And he was pretty funny and entertaining. And the kids did really awesome. Especially for the first hour. After that I was just waiting for the moment that Little M decided he could not take it any more, climbed up on a chair, and just started yelling like an angry monster. But he didn't. Whew!

So, it was a very enjoyable night and I'm glad HH was asked to be in the choir, or I'm sure we wouldn't have attended and we truly would have missed out. Sorry to any friends that I may have discouraged from coming by my previous bad attitude!

Tonight's Joyful Moment? When HH snuck away after the choir was finished with their part and came and sat by us. And then gave my hand a squeeze. That boy sure melts my butter.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments involving world class tenors, or at least a great hand squeeze!


Linda said...

I love you butter melting expression!

Today was joyful when one of our neighbors in the home we've lived in for the past year went to Church with us. He's a great guy and it was a great experience.

Linda said...

I think I gained 20 pounds reading the recipe for that pie - WOW!

This is the day we left New York. We will almost for sure return as visitors, but I don't know if it will ever again be "home" to us. We won't miss the taxes, but we will miss the people, the beauty, the history, the temple, the memories, and so much more. I confess it didn't make me feel joyful to leave. So today's joy is the memories we've made while we were here.