Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 213: Smile. Giggle. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat

Yeah, today's Joyful Moment is going to have to go to Baby B.

It was a really good day full of Joyful Moments until the dreaded "violin practice time" hit. But I think my favorite Joyful Moment was more giggles and smiles from Baby B. He just can't help himself. That is what he does. I was holding him while looking up a couple phone numbers and when I looked down at him, he was just sitting there in my arms grinning from ear to ear. I have no idea how long he'd been smiling at me, but it was there for me to see as soon as I looked. And then I forgot what I was doing and just smiled back for a long long time. Well, we talked a bit, too.

Everywhere I go, people are delighted to receive the smiles he so readily delivers. And those who meet him repeatedly begin to realize that smiling is just what he does. I'm constantly being asked, "Does he smile ALL the time?"

Yes. Yes, he does.

And whenever I pick him up from the child watch center at the gym, the staff always comments on what a great baby he is. "He's our favorite baby!" and "He is the BEST baby!" are the two most common.

Yeah, I love being his mama.

Wishing you all the kind of Joyful Moments Baby B delivers!

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Linda said...

My HH had a narrow escape from electricity this evening, replacing the dryer plug. Having life go on without a serious injury or worse is great joy. And so was finding a flashlight in response to our prayer.