Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 192: Livin' the Dream

Did you know that "ligers" have been brought up in conversation twice in the last three days? Not by me either time. I just think that is weird.

And not really related to my Joyful Moment.

Today's Joyful Moment was just sort of an on-going Moment of having the type of day I imagined I would have when I was younger and tried to imagine growing up and having a family of my own. I was a happy and cheerful mom. I was able to pause what I was doing when one of the kids needed something--without getting grumpy with them for interrupting. We played together. Sweet P and Little M played quite well together this morning while I got myself ready for church. HH sung beautifully in a duet during Sacrament Meeting (a Joyful Moment that really could just stand alone. He has a beautiful voice and is even sexier than normal whenever he is performing.). After church the kids and I had some great discussions about gospel principles and doctrines while they ate their snack and we all waited for HH to come home from his meetings. Everyone was in a good mood when he got home. I was able to let him take a nap while I helped Sweet P with her violin practice. I remained patient and cheerful while Sweet P through a fit about not wanting to do her practice and eventually came up with a system that made her admit that practice was actually "fun". HH and the kids played a game while I made dinner. We took the dog to the dog run so she had her moment of fun as well.

Was that a long enough paragraph? I guess it was nothing major, it was just the feelings of peace, happiness, joy, and contentment that I felt throughout all of that. It wasn't a perfect day. The kids had a few scuffles and we had a couple tantrums. But today, I was the person I wanted to be. I enjoyed my family. And bonds were strengthened.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments of being the person you always wanted to be--even if only for a day!


Melanie said...

I think you posted tonight about my favorite type of rare as it is for me...but that feeling of contentment and happiness, an inner peace of being who I truly want to be. Thank you for sharing this. I miss you.

Belkycita said...

I love that feeling as well, and I have been able to experience it since we got back. I think my kids behave more like themselves when they are in their own environment with just us. As much as I love my family and as much fun as we had visiting with everyone, there is nothing like feeling that the world is spinning on the right direction.

Linda said...

I'm feeling a whole lot of joy reading what you posted and what your 2 sisters-in-law posted.

We had a joyful day with the baby blessing of Wyatt.