Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 214: All Growed Up

Little M started preschool today. He's been looking forward to this day ever since we registered Sweet P last year's preschool. So, to say he was ready is a bit of an understatement. It was so fun being with him while he got ready and counting down the two hours from when he woke up until it was time to go.

And then seeing my shy little boy so happy and confident as they all found their spots on the gathering rug. Well, it was sort of a bittersweet Joyful Moment. There's definitely a part of me that appreciates the little boy who needs me so much, but I'm also proud of him for being brave and learning and growing. And I can't say I envied the parents of the screaming children (don't worry, there were only two). But I did blink back a few of my own tears as I headed off to yoga class.

Picking him up and hearing all about the great time he had was another Joyful Moment. And then hearing him say, "I just wove my giwlfwiend", as we headed off to meet friends at the children's museum was definitely a Joyful Moment.

Not because I support him having a giwlfwiend, but just because it sounded so cute. Especially because he doesn't even know her name. And actually, just hearing him say anything involving the word "girl", is kind of Joyful Moment for me. It is so funny how he pronounces it!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments full of wove and giwfwiends!


Melanie said...

So very cute!

Linda said...

We woke up in our own home for the first time in a year! Even though we are surrounded by boxes and don't know what we own any more or where it might be, this is wonderful.