Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 220: I'm Dirty

That's the title of a book that Little M saw sitting on a shelf at our library two months ago. He didn't know that was the title because he can't read, but he knew he wanted it because it had a picture of a big, muddy backhoe loader on the front cover. A little boy's dream.

But we couldn't get it because it was just before hosting my family reunion and I didn't want any library books in the house that could potentially be ruined. So, I promised him we'd get it when we came back.

Except that it is ALWAYS checked out.

So, last time, I got smart and put a hold on it. It came in and today I picked it up while Little M was at preschool. As soon as we got back to the car after picking him up, I told him what I had done.


And then he made this sound that kind of sounds like "Aaaahhh!", but it's more guttural and it's what he does whenever he's really excited and can't believe how awesome things are.

And it was my Joyful Moment. Along with going home and reading it with him. And then I let him read it (it came with a CD) while I showered and apparently, he listened to it three more times! And then I read it to him again for his nap time story. So glad he likes it.

Thank goodness for wonderful, simple joys.

Wishing you all wonderful, simple Joyful Moment joys!

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Linda said...

Simple joys really are the BEST - so glad that you always seem to recognize them. I'm workin on that.