Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 226: Happiest Place

Turns out the Happiest Place on Earth is even better as a parent. It was so fun watching my children experience it all.

But the best part was probably riding with Little M on the Matterhorn. "This is so fun!" And then he laughed this maniacal laugh he does. So great. And then at the end of the ride he commented, "That water was pretty splashy!" Oh, such a fun Joyful Moment. Every ride was that much better riding with him. He loved EVERY second of it.

Wishing you all Joyful-est Moments on earth!


Jennifer said...

Little M is brave. I rode the Matterhorn when I was 6 and it was the single most terrifying moments of my life. My G-pa Hale was with me and some abominable snowman walked behind me. Nightmares for YEARS.

Linda said...

Jennifer makes me laugh!

Meg & Wyatt spent the day with me after a fiasco at her dr this morning. Our HH's joined us for dinner and FHE - and lots of JOY.