Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 520: Sweet Surrender

In all of yesterday's awesomeness--I forgot to mention that it was a little challenging.  There were delicious goodies all over the place all day every party we went to!  The donuts at breakfast were the hardest to pass up, but I did it.

And because our schedule was all skeewompus (thank you, Mom!), it was a challenge to fit in my run, yoga, and even when to take all of my crazy supplements.

And then there was the issue of getting to bed at 10.  If I'm being completely honest, I must confess that I was about 10 minutes late.  It would have been much more if HH hadn't sweetly insisted that I hurry off to bed while he get the kids ready for bed (we were out a little late!) and took care of all of that stuff.  He's been so super supportive with all of this!

Someone else, however, is the opposite of so super supportive.  Of course, being in bed didn't mean I would actually fall asleep for quite some time--thanks to the crazy overzealous firework fiends living around here!  They've been shooting off fireworks for the last 10 days, and probably will keep going for a few more.  My next door neighbors started before 11 AM yesterday and kept going for over 12 hours! With super loud ones!

So, it took me quite some time to finally drift off to peaceful slumber.  And then shortly thereafter, I was awoken by the sound of Sweet P screaming bloody murder.  HH tried to calm her, but she was a little bit crazy.  I tried to help.  It took quite sometime and all of us were a little upset by the time we got her back in bed.  So, it took me some time to calm down and begin to drift off again.

Repeat Sweet P's madness.

Start to drift off.

Repeat Sweet P's madness.

It was a fun fun FUN night.

One thing became quite clear to me in the middle of all the fun--I am definitely on the right track here in making myself happy and well again.  Otherwise, I'm convinced there wouldn't be so much opposition.  When I said I was a warrior, I had no idea what I was about to get into!

But I decided to get up and bike at 6 this morning anyway.  And that was excellent.  As was the yoga.  Sweet P was a little ornery and teary all day thanks to the lack of sleep, but we all survived the day.

And poor Baby B had a hard time falling asleep tonight.  So, I went in to comfort him.  He quickly quieted down and snuggled into my neck, with his chubby little hand resting on my arm.  As much as he loves to be held, he rarely snuggles with me any more.  So, this was pure bliss.

As I stood there and rocked him, he settled down more and more until I could feel his body completely relaxed in my arms.  Anyone who's ever held a baby like this before knows what an awesomely awesome Joyful Moment that is.  To have someone so completely relaxed and at peace in your arms--to be completely trusted like that--it's just a great feeling.

I hope I can relax that deeply when I get to go to sleep tonight!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and a good night's rest!

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Nikki said...

Awe, Cheryl. What a wild time you've had. I am glad you have those little quiet moments to settle your heart.