Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 539: Hanging With The Grown Ups!

We go to church for three hours every Sunday.

Usually, I am with the children for the second two hours, because I teach the 9-10 year old class and then supervise them during Primary.

Today, all of the kids in my class were absent.  So, my team teacher and I got to attend the adult Sunday School class (meaning I was able to sit next to HH!--Joyful Moment).  I love being with the kids each week and I definitely learn from them, but it's nice to have doctrinal discussions about the life of the Savior that have a bit more depth to them.

And for the third hour, I taught the women in Relief Society.  The usual teacher moved away, so I got to substitute for her.  I was a little bit nervous, but overall, it was wonderful.  I just kind of guided a discussion based on a talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf at our General Conference back in April.  You can read Waiting On The Road To Damascus, if you like.  Anyway, the discussion was so insightful and filled with the Spirit, and it was a true Joyful Moment to be there with my friends and sisters in the gospel.

And since I haven't had any photos to share lately, here is a picture of Baby B enjoying one of the Green Smoothies we've been having lately, since picking up some kale at the CSA last week.  He loved the stuff!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are inspiring!

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Meg said...

will you post a green smoothie recipe on our blog? I made one and it was... not so good. :) So I would love to try again!