Friday, July 22, 2011

Day537: Cool, Clear Water

Last night a friend invited me to meet up with her at the outdoor pool at the gym for a swim this morning.

It was fabulous!

Swimming outside is just so great.  And the weather and water were absolutely perfect.  I always forget what a great workout swimming is.  And this particular friend always makes me laugh.  So, it was made even better by her company.

Yeah, Joyful Moment.

Then I rinsed the chlorine off (okay and I might have blown my hair dry and done my make up) and headed up to yoga.  It was kind of nice to feel pretty in yoga for once.  And Friday's yoga class is pretty chill, so I didn't break a sweat, or anything.

Then there was this afternoon's play date.  Another Joyful Moment.  Our kids get along so well.  It was really great.  Hooray for new friends!!!

And then HH got home early.  Which is always one of the best kinds of Joyful Moments.  Plus, it's the weekend!  Hoo-Double-Ray!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments with a hoo-double-ray!

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