Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 675: Pizza Party

Well, I can't believe I totally forgot to break out my camera, but I did.

Tonight I hosted a pizza party for the kids in my Primary class.  That's the Sunday School class I teach at church for 9 and 10-year olds.  We had a lot of fun, stuffed ourselves with pizza, and played a couple fun rounds of Whoonu, in an effort to get to know a boy who just moved to our area a week ago.  There were plenty of Joyful Moments to be had with these energetic kiddos.

I also had some Joyful Moments just chatting with my team teacher.  We don't usually get to talk to each other much because we have to teach the class.  I really like her quite a bit though, so it was fun to catch up.

Wishing you all energetic Joyful Moments!


Linda said...

It sounds like it was a success - for your class members and you. I like that I was there when you were planning it, and that I met some of these people. it makes me feel closer. :)

I had a very enjoyable day with G&L. The 3 of us toured 2 good art exhibits at the MOA and worked on some crossword puzzles. Turns out Liz likes them as much or more than you and I. She did a NY Times puzzle and I was duly impressed - with her and myself because I actually knew some of the words before her! She helped me with my project for the 11 year old girls and as a result, 3 of them completed their plastic canvas Joseph. Tonight we went to dinner and a play with your Dad also.

Cheryl said...