Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 687: You Can Never Have Too Many Sprinkles

Today was the Christmas preschool program.  It was fantastic.

And I'm so glad it was today and not yesterday.  Baby B and I are still recovering, but at least we could be get out of bed.

The program was really sweet.  They sung a bunch of songs.  It was really adorable.

And then they got to decorate (and eat) a cookie.  This is Little M putting the 100th spoonful of sprinkles on his cookie.  He literally could not fit a single extra sprinkle on by the end of that spoonful.  But he made sure to eat up all the excess that fell off.  He's a firm believer in "waste not, want not".

The whole thing was just the Joyful Moment I needed today.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are not at all wasteful!


Linda said...

So, I'm wondering if Little M inherited his sweet tooth from his grandma? I love seeing the look of concentration on his face. Serious business!

My JM's came during our Activity Day girls' activity. After untold hours of planning and work, we leaders were well rewarded. We each took 4 girls to visit 2 homes of older neighbors. While there we asked questions about them when they were the ages of the girls and we listened as they shared numerous experiences, quite different from Christmas as we know it today. We sang a Christmas carol and gave them the nativity sets the girls and leaders had made. Then we regrouped at the church and made angel ornaments out of pasta, which the girls seemed to really enjoy. They were very creative. We ended with cookies and cocoa (of course :) It was a great experience for each of us!

Cheryl said...

Or, it could be his mom. (c:

Sounds like a wonderful success for you and the girls!