Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 680: Luh Yu

Tonight I joined a few girls for a night out with pie and a little gift exchange.  It was a lot of fun.  And I got to sit between the two friends I haven't seen for the longest, so I got a chance to catch up with both for a bit.  Which was a really fun Joyful Moment for me.

But before going out, HH decided it was a good time to scrape some of the ice forming on the walls of our deep freezer.  He scraped it into this big bowl and then Baby B caught sight of it.  So, I took him and the bowl and stuck them both in the bathtub.

I haven't let him out to play in the snow yet because I feel that I should go out with him and I just have no tolerance for the cold.

I'm a good mama.  I know.

So, this was his first experience with snow.  Well, close enough, anyway.  He thought it was great fun and it was a Joyful Moment for both of us.

Then, after he was all warmed up in his snuggly pajamas, it came time for me to go.  As I was about to head out the door he called out, "Luh yuuuuu."

Which melted my heart and made me rush back in to scoop him up in a giant bear hug.  That's the first time he's said, "Love you" unsolicited.

No offense to my girlfriends, but that Joyful Moment just can't be beat.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that can't be beat!


Linda said...

Your dad helped me make apple jelly to take to friends and neighbors. Actually, he helped with the canning part of it. And it was more fun and more successful with the 2 of us working together.

Cheryl said...

Dad's good at making things more fun. Save some for us!