Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 686: Day Off

Last night I might have gotten a little upset with my family because I felt that they weren't being very grateful for all I do.  So, I threatened to take the day off, so they could more fully appreciate all that I do.

Our day today began at 12:30 AM when Baby B began to scream and Little M ran into to frantically proclaim that Baby B was throwing up.  In my tired daze, I remember hoping that he was mistaken.

He was not.

So, HH and spent the next part of the night alternating care of a very sick, very sad Baby B.  But I was feeling increasingly unwell myself, so HH took over full time care of the baby.  Early this morning I succumbed as well.

And to spare you further details, it eventually hit everyone, but HH.  Sweet P and Little M were perfectly fine before and after, thankfully.  But Baby B and I have been struck down pretty low.  Poor HH took the day off and spent it cleaning up and tending to all of us invalids.

So, today was not a day overflowing with Joyful Moments.  There were a few, however.  The most exciting one, for me, was when HH's dad called and offered him a free night's stay at any Marriott.  My father-in-law travels quite a bit for work and thus, accrues hotel points.  I'm not sure what made him offer them to us all of the sudden, but HH readily accepted.

See, we're planning a little romantic getaway next month and were already discussing where to stay.  So, this was a pleasant surprise that we are very grateful for.  I always love saving money, and especially when I still get to have something nice.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and stomach flu-free days!


Linda said...

I'm so sorry for the rotten day you had. I wish I'd been there to run over with chicken soup and I hope you're feeling much better now. I love you!

Cheryl said...

It's okay. We wouldn't have been able to keep the soup down anyway. (c: Thanks for the love though!