Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 696: Midnight Tears

Actually, I don't remember what time it was.  But, sometime during the night, Baby B began throwing up again.  And HH announced that he felt ready to join in the fun at any moment.

I got the baby cleaned up and dressed in clean jammies and then I cried as I filled the washing machine with hot water and smelly clothes and bedding.  In the middle of the night.  As is becoming routine around here.

I'll be honest, a lot of it was self-pity.  I was finally getting excited about everyone and everything getting better, so I took this pretty hard.  But also, I was really worried.  Baby B has been sick since Tuesday of last week.  That's a long time for a little guy to be losing what little he takes in out both ends.  His skin was beginning to be dry and flaky and he only peed about once yesterday.

So, in between his bouts of sickness, I sat in the rocking chair and held him most of the night.  I was too worried to put him back to bed until he finally started squirming quite a bit and I could tell it was disrupting his sleep.

Which meant that today didn't start off nearly as well as yesterday ended.  I took him to the doctor and discovered that he's lost more than a pound during this whole ordeal (we don't really know how much since we're going off of his last check up).  And then I voiced my suspicions that perhaps this had brought back his food sensitivities that he had as a baby and the doctor confirmed that this was very possible.  So, he's back off of soy and dairy.  Which is a lot harder now that he's older and aware of what everyone else is eating (and is a HUGE fan of cheese).  But he's taking coconut milk without any complaints and inhaled a whole bunch of the mini saltines I bought for him.  Which makes me very happy.  In fact, seeing him eat was probably my Joyful Moment for the day.

Sorry for the medical update excuse of a post, but this is pretty much what consumed my day.  I'm anxious to see how tonight goes.  But my gut feeling for the past few days has been that the soy and/or dairy is what is keeping him sick.  So, I'm very very very cautiously optimistic.

Here's hoping for better days and fewer posts involving bodily fluids.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments on laundry-free nights!


Linda said...

Oh my! What a challenge. How wonderful that you thought to ask the Dr about it. Hope things get back to "normal" very soon.

My JM was wising your big bro Happy Birthday at 6 a.m. his time, before he went to get in touch with his bedouin self. You'll have to ask your sis-in-law about that.

Cheryl said...

What?! Sounds interesting...