Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 740: Sticker Chart

A couple weeks ago, HH was in charge of our Family Home Evening lesson.  Among other things, he decided to help us each come up with a way to make the hardest part of our day easier.

For the kids, the hardest part of the day is typically violin practice.  So, Sweet P decided to work on "focusing better", meaning that she'll actually listen and respond when I remind her of the posture point she's supposed to be working on for that day.  Little M promised to not whine before, or during his practice each day.

You can tell that HH's real motive was to find ways to make my day easier. (c:

We've been working on our goals for a week now.  It's been modest progress, at best.

But today was amazing.  They both did fantastic.  Especially Sweet P (who has not been doing as well at her goal as Little M has).  She made huge progress on a couple songs that she's really been struggling with for a while.

Ah, I cannot express what a wonderful Joyful Moment that was for me!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are music to your ears!


Linda said...

I remember sticker charts - They seemed to work well for my kiddos too.

My JM today had to be our wonderful Stake Conference focused on the Proclamation to the World on Families. We had meetings on it yesterday and today and were reminded and taught about the things we need to do to safeguard our homes. Our stake pres pointed that our homes are sovereign, and the ONLY place where we have complete control over what comes in and what we invite in. I learned so much and am motivated to live the principles taught in the Proclamation.

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a wonderful meeting!