Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 735: Return of The Plague

Sweet P came into our room last night announcing she was sick.  HH handled it and came back and told me she was fine.

This morning she first said she felt fine and okay to go to school.  But as the morning progressed she began asking to stay home.  This is very unlike her, but as far as I could tell, she seemed fine, so I told her I thought she should go.

About 60 seconds before her ride was to come pick her up, she dashed off to the bathroom and it was Christmas morning all over again.

Minus the presents.

And all the fun.

But quite like it with all the laundry and bathroom cleaning for me.  Yay!

Fortunately, she seems to be doing much better.  Unfortunately, poor HH seems to have finally succumbed to it.  And my tummy seems to still be sitting on the fence as to whether I'll get a Round 2 like Sweet P, or manage to let it pass me by.

The good news is, Little M and Baby B both seem to have been spared.  Knock on wood.  Really hard.

Fortunately for today, it was Sweet P's parent/teacher conference tonight.  So, Joyful Moments were still to be had.  It was a great visit with her teacher.  It's so satisfying to see how much she genuinely cares for my daughter.  I love it.  She's such a great teacher too.  Yes.  Joyful Moments for sure.

And then I ventured over to the Book Fair, per Sweet P's instructions.  She had found a book that she thinks Little M will just love and wanted to buy it for him for his birthday next month.  With her own money.  How sweet is that?  It's no wonder he adores her.  So, picking that up for her was another really sweet Joyful Moment for this mama.

And actually, the rest of the day was not a total loss either.  The kids were actually pretty well-behaved and we still managed to have a good day, all things considered.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments brought to you by snake books that include 3-D glasses!


Linda said...

I love to read your blog - I just love it! Thanks for posting come rain or shine.

My JM was probably when 2 more of my Activity Day girls showed up for the activity the Young Women planned just for us. Only 1 girl came to the first half and I was feeling kind of bad. Then the other girls showed up, the two are about to advance to YW, and it was just as it was supposed to be. (And the loved the cupcakes I made and decorated.)

Cheryl said...

Yay! How wonderful. Did you take pictures of the cute cupcakes? (c: