Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 733: Sick Day

Well, we've all been fighting off a nasty cold for the past few days.  We weren't feeling fantastic when we went to bed last night, and you know how you always feel kind of the worst first thing in the morning?

And HH hadn't been able to get us fully "dug out" yesterday.  The snow was pretty deep and heavy and he was already pretty sick.

And that's why we missed church today.

But, we did get to skype with my parents this morning.  And that was my Joyful Moment.  It was so fun to see and chat with them.  We love you!

Later in the day, we ventured out to finish un-burying our house.  Or, at least our road.  They don't really get the whole concept of "plowing" out here.  Worst I've ever seen.  So, we had to shovel all of the snow off of our road in order to be able to escape tomorrow.

HH tried to keep me inside, but I'm worried about him being sick, too, so I helped out.

And at some point, the kids snuck off to do this:

Not the best activity for the Sabbath, but they've been so cooped up with Mom and Dad being sick, I had a hard time telling them no.

And I have to admit that it was a Joyful Moment watching them have so much fun together, too.  But then the snow shoveling, sickness, and pregnancy caught up with me and it was all I could do to get myself back up that hill and into the house to rest.

I'm.  So.  Tired.

At least we had a slow, restful day today.

Wishing you all happy smiles and chubby faces (my kids, not my parents) to bring you Joyful Moments on your sick days!


Linda said...

That was my JM too - Fun to see you and talk with you and listen and watch Kayli play the violin. Thanks for letting me share in Dad's birthday phone visit. love you!

Meg said...

My JM yesterday was going with my honey to see the Peking Acrobats in the DeJong Concert Hall. Oh. My. Gosh. They were amazing. This amazing:

make sure you watch the whole thing so you appreciate how high up the dude is. :)

Cheryl said...

Mom--Our pleasure!

Meg--Wow. I wish I was anywhere near that strong! But I'd be happy to be strong a bit closer to the ground. (c: