Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 732: Snowed In

We really haven't had much snow to speak of this year.  In fact, if you've been reading this all week, you know we've actually been having pretty pleasant weather.

So, when I heard the forecast for massive amounts of snow piling in overnight, I kind of didn't believe them.

Then I peaked out the window early this morning and saw several inches piled up on the little tiny branches of the very thin trees outside my bedroom window.  And much much more on the ground.  There was well over a foot piled up on top of the grill.

I guess we won't be having ribs any time soon.

The kids could hardly wait to get outside and get playing.

This was Baby B's first time out in the snow and I'm afraid he was severely disappointed.

He is not upset over wearing a girly, pink scarf--I promise.

He's mad because he has gloves on his hands and they get in the way of everything he does.  I eventually conceded and pulled them off, but he still had a rough go of it.  The snow was so deep and thick and he was virtually immobilized by all of his snow gear that every time he fell over (often), he was completely helpless to get up.

Fortunately, they all went back out later in the day to shovel the driveway.  And this time, I just put some mittens on, so his hands weren't completely frozen right away, but he could still move them.  And HH was out there to help him when he fell down.  He lasted much much longer this time and actually had some fun.

These three had a grand old time, however.

It was a Joyful Moment watching them play and build and truly enjoy themselves.

Baby B didn't last too long.  After warming up with a sippy cup of hot cocoa, he asked to go "nigh, nigh" and took a super long nap.  Apparently, the cold done wore him out.

And then HH and I set to work on more bedroom improvements.

We have stuff hung on our walls now!

And I uploaded today's photos fulling expecting to see the pictures I took of the latest improvements.

Unfortunately, they were a figment of my imagination.  I must have thought about taking pictures so many times that I eventually just believed I'd already done it.

So, another day.

But looking at everything we hung gives me a Joyful Moment every time.  HH and I do not share the same taste.  However, I think that the combination of both of our tastes is actually pretty nice.

And we even found a way to make all of the furniture in our bedroom actually fit in our bedroom.  That was another Joyful Moment.

Hooray for a super productive snow day!

Wishing you all the occasional (very occasional, if you're anything like me) Joyful Moment found on a snowy, wintry day!


Linda said...

Fun day! Especially if you stayed inside, out of the cold and wind. Oh yes, I remember when I lived in the North Pole. I remember when Little M didn't especially enjoy the snow much either.

My JM today is AWESOME!!! Your dad and I did the last grouting on the tile that we installed together over the past week. And our master bathroom looks AWESOME - HUGE HUGE difference! And we love love love it.

Cheryl said...

Mom--Yeah. I was already feeling sick, so I made sure to stay in and keep warm. Plus, someone had to be there to get the hot cocoa ready. (c: And I really want to see pictures!!!