Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 745: A Tale of Three Joyful Moments

Okay, it's not much of a tale, but I did have three (among others) really standout Joyful Moments today.

The first was finally finding a moment to catch up with a friend.  Mostly, I wanted to hear all about her trip home to visit her parents late last month, but I really haven't had much time to hang out with her in quite some time, so it was a Joyful Moment just visiting and getting all caught up again.

The second was a spontaneous wrestling match with the kids.  I don't do this very frequently, but Baby B told me, "Wan wessle" and how could I resist?  The older two were pleasantly surprised and quite excited when the realized what was going on.

Of course, then Little M told me that had "light savers" (a.k.a light sabers) and promptly cut me in half.

I'm so thrilled that HH has been watching the Star Wars prequels with them.  Thrilled.

But, it was still a lot of fun.  Mostly, just because they were so happy to have me playing that way with them.  Joyful Moments all around.

And the third was an unexpected call from a sister-in-law.  I always love talking to her.  She's amazing and sweet and funny.  And I couldn't love her more.  So, Joyful Moment to hear her voice and be blessed by her conversation.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that come in lucky threes!


Melanie said...

I love you too.

Cheryl said...

Love you, Mel!!!

Linda said...

How wonderful!

I spent the day with your baby sis and 5 of my grandchildren. And the weather was nice enough to go to a super fun park.

Cheryl said...

Wish I could have been there, and thrown three (and 1/2) more grandkids in the mix!

Linda said...

me too! I was going to say that....