Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 753: Bump

Today was not my best day.

I've been having more struggles with headaches and backaches.  Fun.

And, to be totally honest, I have at least one bad brush with the depression per week it seems.  I came close a couple times last week, but managed to do alright.

So, the Big D came back with a vengeance this morning.

Thus, not a super Joyful Moment-y day.

But HH did what he did.  Took care of me and the rest of the world, like it was no big deal.  Then proceeded to tell me how amazing he thinks I am despite the fact that I struggle horribly with depression all the while living a life that is nearly perfect and as close to a dream come true as it gets.

I regret that none of you can every fully appreciate just how amazing my HH is.  But he is.

So, I'm going to have to go with these spontaneous 5-month bump shots as my Joyful Moment for today.  I'm actually past 5 months, but I kept waiting for the perfect moment when I was wearing something cute, my hair looked good, my face looked good, HH was home, and I actually remembered to get the camera out.

As you can see, tonight I gave up on everything except HH being home and remembering to get the camera out.

So, I look good in my pj's with the lovely shadow behind me.  But there it is.  My baby bump.  Yay for my sweet little growing girl!

Wishing you all very Joyful Moment-y days tomorrow!


Linda said...

Yay indeed! "In fact, yay for my sweet little growing girl!" Well, you used to be mine; now you belong with that wonderful HH you keep bragging about. :)

My JM was overcoming lots of negativity and having my day turn around for the better.

Cheryl said...

Still yours, too, Mama. (c:

And good for you! That's what I was working on all day too. With semi-success.

Belkycita said...

OH my niece is already super ADORABLE!! and tiny.
My goodness your bump barely a bump, more like a lump ( I need more sleep)

and I have to say, besides how adorable you look pregnant that when I saw this photo I had to look at it twice, because I thought it was Amy and then I thought it was your mom, and then I showed it to David and he said I needed more sleep because you look just like you and not your mom or sister.

And I usually don't comment here because I am the WORSE at finding JM, but lately I have a little thing that is developing rolls on her legs and her double chin is becoming a triple one and her smiles melt my heart, so those are my JM as of now, and the crazy older two that say the most amazing things!

Cheryl said...

Oh, Belky. You made me smile.

And I can see the Amy resemblance. I usually see it with me and mom, but not so much in this one.

I am so sad that your little one is growing without me! I need pictures!!! And give the older two big hugs from me!

Linda said...

I looked at the photo again to see what Belky saw... and yes, I can see it. Amazing! We must all be related. Thanks for commenting, Belky. You made me smile.