Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 808: April Foolery

Today brought more Joyful Moments in listening to General Conference.  Especially, at one point when Sweet P became quite interested in what our prophet President Monson was saying.  And then we discussed what it all meant after.

And in between, I had more Joyful Moments in playing April Fool's jokes on the kids.

All involving food, of course.

First, we had Bug Bread for breakfast.  I knew they'd be suspicious, so I enlisted the aid of HH.  I explained to them all that I purchased these super healthy, freeze-dried bugs at Trader Joe's.  The bugs were flies from Africa that fed on a very nutritious plant.  Our bodies are not capable of digesting the nutrients in this plant, but the flies can break it down.  So, they were caught after ingesting the plant, and thus still had its nutrients in their guts.  And I baked them into a lovely bread.  HH played his part beautifully by absolutely refusing to try it.

The kids were curious and actually ate a bit and then surprisingly announced that it "tasted like chocolate!"

That's because it was really Banana Bread with chocolate chips.

At dinner, they were surprised to discover that they couldn't get their drinks to move up through the straw.  Because it was Jell-O!

And then I told them about a time my teachers made me take a bite of clay before making a pot out of it (this really is a true story).  I explained that I thought we might try something similar to make our garden even better this year--eating a bit of the dirt first!  I thought they'd immediately guess since they've had Dirt Dessert before and they knew it was April Fool's, but they looked into that pot of dirt with quite a bit of trepidation.

Of course, as soon as I scooped it out they could see that it was in fact, pudding with cookie crumbs and gummy worms.

I used to be quite the prankster and I miss those days.  So, it was fun to revisit that a bit.

Wishing you all prankster Joyful Moments!


Melanie said...

You're so fun! I wanna be like you.

Cheryl said...

Only if I get to be like you then!

Linda said...

I agree with Mel.