Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 292: Win-Win

Today was a day full of busyness and frustration.  I knew beforehand that it would be that way (only I underestimated just how much so) and I know what happens to Little M on days like that.  He turns into a bit of a demon.

Is that bad for a mama to type for all to read?

Anyway, bad or not, it's totally true.  And then I'm already in a frazzled state, so I struggle to find the patience to deal with my baby-turned-spawn-of-Satan, and then we really wind up in big mess.  The kind that I have to go in and apologize for when he's sleeping and has returned to his sweet, angelic self.

I try to avoid having those kinds of big messes.  So, this time I took measures to fix things.  My friend is watching two of another friend's boys.  She already has 3 boys of her own.  Only one of these boys goes to school.  Leaving her with 4 boys all 4 and under all day.  Until the 5th gets home from school.  Fun.  So, I called her this morning and asked if I could borrow two of the boys (one hers, one the other friend's--both friends of Little M).  She was, of course, delighted at this plan, as it provided her with a nice reprieve.  I was, of course, delighted at this plan, as it provided a distraction for Little M so he wouldn't realize that I was neglecting him.

Things didn't go quite as planned as far as me being able to tackle my insane to-do list for today during their two hour visit.  But the boys did have a great time and I was able to take care of the other, unexpected business that popped up during that time.  And then my friend came back to pick the boys up and acted as grateful as if I had just sent her to a day spa, or something.  She did get to take a shower, so it was kind of like going to the spa.

A very simple spa.

But her gratitude made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It's so nice to help others out.  Especially when it helps me too.  I love those kinds of helping moments.  Joyful helping Moments.

Wishing you all Joyful helping Moments where you get to pretend you're serving someone else, when really, you're serving you!

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Linda said...

You are wise. How wonderful to help someone else along your way. And how serendipitous!

My joy was being guided on an FHE lesson that I've had mulling around in my head for when you and your kids are here visiting. I am so excited!