Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 298: In Sickness & In Health

Can I just say that Joyful Moments are harder to come by when your sweetest little Baby B is sick, with a high fever and a completely stuffed nose?  Remember how he likes to suck his thumb?  That's awfully hard to do when you can't breathe through your nose.  So sad.  So so so so SO sad.

But today still brought Joyful Moments.  That's hard not to do when you're visiting family.  We left my family today (NOT a Joyful Moment), but we came to visit HH's family (a Joyful Moment).  It's been fun reuniting with his parents and two brothers that are here.  I never had little brothers, so his tend to be sources of Joyful Moments (even though they're not all that little any more).

And another Joyful Moment is anticipating the MANY Joyful Moments tomorrow will bring.  And hopefully, the Joyful Moment of Baby B being able to sleep tonight and waking up sans the fever.  Oh, please, oh please!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and health!

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Linda said...

Our greatest joy arrived just before 10 pm - After a 14+ hour drive, your oldest brother and his family are HERE with us for the next 3+ days. Each of their 5 kids is unique and it has been fun to listen to their comments and watch them. So much fun and memories ahead!

ps - We miss you! Come back soon. love you!