Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 302: Baby B's Joyful Moment

So, this morning was an excellent Joyful Moment because I was able to stop by my grandparents' home and visit with them for a bit before we finished our drive home.  Now that my maternal grandparents have both passed on, I appreciate these two all the more.  And I could tell how happy they were to see us.  And providing someone else with a Joyful Moment always results in one of your own.

Then we hopped in the car and drove for several long hours.  Until we were finally HOME.

And that might have been the best part of the day.  I was carrying Baby B around on my hip as I hurried to get the kids in bed and get the essentials put back in their place, when I realized that Baby B was giggling.  So, I turned and paid attention to him.  He was just looking all over as we went from room to room and giggling with delight.  I guess when you're 7-months old and you're taken from your home for over a week, you begin to think you're never going back.  And he was just so overcome with his own Joyful Moment at being back in a familiar place that he couldn't help but giggle.



Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are just that fun and sweet!  Seriously.

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Linda said...

My joy came at about 1115 pm when your brother and his family finally arrived safely home, after a 16 hour drive in snow and wind. Lots of prayers all day. I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who hears and answers prayers.