Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 372: I'm A Hoover Loover

HH has been fantasizing about owning our very own steam vac for a few years now.  Ever since we borrowed one from a friend back in New England.  So, we finally got one shortly before Christmas.  And then it's been one thing after another taking up our time.  But, finally, today we made time to break it out.  We did the two largest rooms in the house.  And I LOOVE it!  The water we dumped out after the cleaning was SO GROSS!  Since Baby B is on the verge of crawling (he actually took his first crawl step (?) today!), I'm that much more grateful to have clean carpets again.

So, clean carpets were a Joyful Moment today.  Along with that first crawl step, too.

And swimming with the kids.

And finally realizing that it makes so much more sense to put the kids art supplies in that drawer in the kitchen where I've been storing all the table cloths and place mats that we never use.  Which means that that corner of my counter top will no longer be permanent home to all of their papers and markers and such.  And I.  CANNOT.  DESCRIBE.  HOW.  DELIRIOUSLY.  HAPPY.  THAT.  MAKES.  ME.

I just feel like a bird, free and flying.  It's fabulous.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that make you deliriously happy!


Nikki said...

ha, I can totally relate to decluttering!

Linda said...

Do you ever wonder if a steam vac has some mechanism to change clean soapy water into gross and disgusting water? Sometimes it seems like that is a better thought than that you've been co-existing with all that stuff you got up, right?

A few days ago I showed my brand new bro-in-law a problem. He and my sis gave me the letters H O M E to hang on my wall. Only thing is that the O was upside down. You might think that's impossible, but because of the wrought iron it's on, it really was. It seems he can fix anything - ANYTHING. And today, he brought it back to me - in perfect condition - and my HH hung it on the family room ledge - and it looks very joyful.