Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 379: Blessed Sunshine

Everywhere I've lived people have talked about the "Crazy Weather" and how rapidly it can change from warm to cold, or sun to rain.  What's funny to me is that these people act like it's something true of only their location.  In all other areas, the weather obeys the rules and follows set patterns.

I'm here to break some startling news:  Weather is unpredictable.  No matter where you live.  Except Hawaii, which my mama has led me to believe always has perfect weather.  I've never been there to confirm this, and kind of suspect that it is really a subtle effort to convince me to move there so she can have a free place to stay when she travels.  Which would, of course, be a Joyful Moment, but is really a topic for another day.

My point is that the North Pole is subject to such crazy weather changes.  Much of the time (particularly in the winter), I don't love this.  But today, it brought beautiful sunshine and a temperature in the upper 40's.  That's downright tropical for these parts.  And standing outside in it at the dog run (poor Z has really been at her wits end of late) was today's Joyful Moment.

And given that we only had a few hours of sleep last night because Little M began his first experience of throwing up at 2:30 AM and then let the party continue, and I've suffered a set back in what appears to be a potentially race-ruining foot injury--well, I'm extra grateful for that bit of sun we received today.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and Crazy Weather that's crazy in your favor!


Meg said...

oh no! what's wrong with your foot? Call me sometime. I love you!


Linda said...

How's your foot - call me. Of course, after reading you HH's Valentine blog post (I'm a few days behind) you are probably not feeling anything but LOVE...

We also had gorgeous weather and took advantage of it with a bike ride up the canyon. It was beautiful beyond words.