Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 383: Doozy

That's what today was.  You'd think there was something nasty in the air for how grumpy my children were.  All My Children.  Technically, there should have been an "of" in there, but then I couldn't make it sound like my life is just like a soap opera.  And it SO is.

Because I'm pretty sure all soaps involve three young, adorable children who woke up one morning and decided to whine and cry incessantly.

Normally, when all three are this way (actually, it's usually just the older two because Baby B is never whiny--until today, of course) it's my fault.  If I'm grumpy, or depressed, it tends to set everyone off.  But today I'm happy.  And we have gorgeous, warm weather for the third day in a row!  I even took the boys out to play outside (Little M got to ride his Christmas scooter!).  But to no avail.  They were happy outside, but as soon as we came back in, they returned to whining and crying.

And Sweet P actually began her crying on the way home from the school bus.  Sah-weet!

And by some miracle, I managed to stay relatively calm and upbeat throughout the whole ordeal.  And even encouraged HH to continue his new workout regimen at the gym, instead of being whiny and needy myself.  (I'm so proud of myself today--can you tell?)  But on his way out, HH requested that I play the piano while he was gone.

It's funny, because I was SOOOOO excited to get that piano, but I'm so unused to having one, I seldom remember to play it on the rare occasion that I get the chance.  So, as soon as he said that, I sat down and played.  Hooray for headphones!  That meant I could play with as much volume and gusto as I desired regardless of the fact that my children were still falling asleep, right across the hall.  And that was totally my Joyful Moment for the day.  And I'm so grateful for an HH who knows that that is exactly what I needed after a day like today.  It was a great way to relax and recover from the day's stress and discomfort. Playing the piano brings me so much peace and joy.  It's one of the best medicines for me.

Thanks, HH.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments straight out of a soap opera--just like mine!


Linda said...

My HH asked me a couple of days ago if we could invite a friend visiting from NY for dinner tonight. My HH called mid-day to say the friend wasn't coming. He called again at 5 to say the friend WAS coming. So my joy is that I was able to pull off a dinner I was proud of within the accordian time frame I was given. :0)

Meg said...

Awesome job! I'm proud of you. My joyful moment was SURVIVING the walk from my car to my house amid 45 mph winds and snow. (I may or may not have called my HH to come and save me while I hunkered down by a garage and froze to death...)