Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 376: Oh, Crepe!

We had crepes for dinner tonight.  I love when the kids ask what I'm making for dinner, and then respond with a loudly exclaimed, "Yay!" when I tell them what it is.  And then when HH does the same when he gets home and learns what we'll be eating.

Crepes are one of those things.

I'm still in search of the perfect crepe recipe, but I think I might have found the basis for it today.  I was feeling pretty good about it already, but when HH commented on how tasty they were while we were cleaning up tonight--that was my Joyful Moment.  Is that weird?  It just makes me feel really good to know that I'm getting closer to a perfect recipe.

Now I just have to figure what to tweak.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments in finding yourself a little closer to perfection--even if it's just with a crepe recipe!

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Linda said...

Let us know what you put in your crepes, please...

My joy for today is simple - I've been working at eating healthier and I actually passed up the opportunity to eat a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. That was empowering!