Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 385: Down By Two

The kids had a birthday party this morning.  So, it was just me, HH, and Baby B.  I felt ecstatic!  Like we could go do anything.  Life is just so much less complicated with only one child.  One immobile child.  Of course, I love and adore the older two.  It's just challenging to go certain places with them.  Like, most places.

Like furniture stores.  So, this morning, in their absence, we went to a couple furniture stores.  And shopped for bedroom furniture!  Which is super exciting.  And I got to hang out with my HH without ever having to demand that someone stick right by me.  Or, "Don't touch that!"  Or, anything else of that nature.  It was fantastic.  And very Joyful Moment-esque.

And I'm very excited to maybe be getting a bedroom set, after only 8 years!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that take less than 8 years!

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Linda said...

I'm still waiting for a bedroom set. Almost 36 years and counting - so CONGRATS! If I ever get serious about picking one out, I'm sure my HH will buy it for me, so I only have myself to blame...

We left home early today to visit your grandparents - and to see for ourselves that both are doing fine. G'pa looks amazing, especially after breaking his leg almost 2 weeks ago. He's in good spirits and making progress. And G'ma was happy to have our company.