Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 393: 100%

That's what you're both supposed to give in marriage, you know.  It's not 50% each equals 100%, it's both partners giving all they've got.  That's what makes it work.

I know this because we always do this because we have a perfect marriage.

Ha Ha.

So, last night, for some bizarre reason, after all our fun evening and returning the baby sitter to her home, we decided to watch a movie.  It was late.  LATE.  But we watched it anyway.  And boy, were we tired when it was over and we finally headed to bed!

Oddly enough, we felt even more tired when the kids woke us up this morning waaaaaaaay earlier than normal.  And they woke Baby B up, too.  Normally, when we're both this tired we kind of moan and groan and hope the other one will get up and take care of the kids.  But this morning, HH got up and took care of things.  And then I heard Baby B still fussing (even though I'd already fed him) and I know this is hard on HH because usually Baby B just needs me to calm down.  So, I got up, too.

Maybe none of that seems monumental.  But we just spent the rest of the morning taking care of each other and trying to serve one another.  And it was my Joyful Moment.  Just loving each other.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments where everyone gives 100%!

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Linda said...

My joyful moment hit during our pre-church choir practice when I looked out above my music and saw one of the 6 year old girls we teach at church smiling huge and waving wildly. AT ME!!! I felt like a celebrity. I just had to go down and give her a great big hug.