Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 383: Exactly

What I needed.  That is what HH gave me tonight.

Today was another long day.  Not nearly so much whining, just very very busy.  So, after dinner HH insisted I go take a break while he take care of the kids and kitchen clean up.  I insisted on taking Baby B and getting him ready for bed because he was more than exhausted from our busy day and needed that.  But since that just involved getting his pajamas on and then nursing him as he drifted of to La La Land, that was no big deal.

And as I reclined on my bed while holding my sleeping baby and listening to a book HH downloaded for me on his ipod, I was finally able to relax.  And my tired legs finally eased their aching.

And after a while HH came to get me for Family Scripture Study and Prayer.  It was such a fabulous Joyful Moment to see the kids all ready for bed and the kitchen (mostly) clean.  I had made a huge mess of it in my frantic effort to pull off a homemade meal in 20 minutes after we arrived home from a doctor's appointment.

I feel so lucky to have an HH who takes such great care of me.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments from someone taking such great care of you!

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