Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 397: Tiny Exemplar

Baby B is sick.  Surprise.  I know.  Today he was actually kind of fussy.  That's extremely rare for him, so I think it means that he might have another ear infection coming on?  Whatever it is, my "Mama's Intuition" tells me that he hurt.  And it was all very sad.  The chiropractor is taking measures to help him and I am optimistic that we won't have to resort to tubes in his ears, but for today he clearly just felt rotten.

And yet, he still took advantage of every opportunity he had to smile and laugh today.  While I bounced him on my hip while humming "Pop Goes The Weasel" (at Little M's request) while brushing my teeth--he giggled.  When I played peek-a-boo while getting him dressed--he giggled.  When I pretended to toss him in the air after getting him out of his high chair--he giggled.  When he looked up at me while we were walking into the grocery store and he clearly did NOT want to shop--he didn't giggle, but he did snuggle into my shoulder and lay there quite contentedly for the majority of the shopping trip.

Which is why the Joyful Moment I want to share with you tonight was when I turned on a little Bruno Mars and danced around the kitchen with him after dinner.  And he giggled.  Even though he was feeling rotten.  And in who knows how much pain.  He giggled and smiled up at me like dancing with me was the most fun a little guy could ever have.

I've known even before he was born that he is a very special little soul.  What an inexpressible honor to be his mama.  And what a great example to me, that even on the worst of days, he was still doing his best to find and appreciate his own Joyful Moments.

I am at a loss for words when it comes to summing up the kind of Joyful Moment I wish for each of you in relation to my own, but I wish you Joyful Moments all the same!

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Linda said...

One of our neighbors has cancer and it doesn't look good for him. He lives alone, but has many friends who stop by frequently. We take him something home baked from time to time so that we have an excuse to stop in and say "Hi". He surprised me this morning by walking across the street with a loaf of one of the best breads I've ever tasted - 12 grain hazlenut from Kneaders. Every bite brings more joy. And thinking about his unselfish act brings the greater joy.