Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 400: Is It Mother's Day?

When the kids came into our room this morning to inquire about breakfast, HH told me to stay in bed and that he'd get up with them.  I began to protest (he's just as tired as I am), but he insisted and then added, "I have a surprise for you."

Well, I am sort of a Master of Deduction and pretty much guess the endings to everything long before they happen, so I quickly figured out what my surprise would be.

And then Little M and Sweet P came in to tell me that they were helping Daddy with a surprise for me, but that they wouldn't tell me what it is.  Then Little M added, "But you can have it in your bed and you can eat it in your bed."  It's a good thing I'm a Master of Deduction because that was very cryptic.

Here  I am in all my morning glory.  It was a delicious breakfast of sliced strawberries and bananas with a little brown sugar sprinkled on top and a dollop of cream (one of HH's specialties), toast (made with one of my favorite kinds of bread), and my very favorite kind of orange juice--Simply Orange.  I crave that stuff ALL.  THE.  TIME.

But I didn't know HH was paying attention.  He was out at a meeting last night and stopped to pick all this stuff up at the store on the way home.  He apparently raced around the store in his suit with no cart or basket.  He said he got some funny looks.  I wish I could have been there to see it.

But then, of course, that would have ruined the surprise.  Not that it wouldn't have been a Joyful Moment still, but it meant so much to me that he went to all that effort to make me this breakfast in bed.  He's so cute!

As I was finishing my breakfast Little M asked, "Is it Mother's Day?"  "No," I replied.  "Then why did we do this?"  I told him to ask HH and I forget exactly what HH said, but something along the lines of just because they love me, or because I'm wonderful, or something else equally sweet and flattering.

I love my HH.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments and breakfast in bed when it's not even Mother's Day!


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I love your HH too - You deserve each other! MY joy was having one of the yound dads in our ward come talk to our class about blessing his baby. He did it in such a sweet and powerful way; it was a privilege to listen to his thoughts.