Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 409: Feel Trip

Little M went on a field trip today and, up until yesterday, thought he was going on a "feel" trip.  He's funny like that.

Anyway, I was up half the night with a screaming Baby B.  To HH's credit, he tried to be the one, but Baby B only wanted me.  Correction--he only wanted me standing and pacing and being held in my left arm.  Which is experiencing symptoms of temporary nerve damage due to the prolonged amounts of time I've spent holding him recently.

It was a fun night.

Fortunately, HH stuck around a bit this morning to help with the morning craziness and a friend not only took Little M to and from preschool, but then had him over for a play date and lunch after.  And another friend brought by a funny movie to help lighten the mood.

And feeling loved was my Joyful Moment today.

But now I have to go tend to a screaming Baby B and see if either one of us will be sleeping tonight.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments full of sleep!

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Linda said...

I'm amazed at the intuitive and caring and thoughtful friends in the North Pole.

My busy day was filled with lots of positive events, including a surprise phone call from my HH. That was probably my favorite joyful thing today.