Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 395: Community Supported Agriculture

A year or so ago, a friend introduced me to the concept of CSA's.  They don't all operate exactly the same, but basically, you invest in a "share" of the farm and receive a basket of produce each week.  Or, in the case of our CSA, my choice of produce, dairy products, or flowers.  But back to last year--I tried in vain to find one in my area, but then decided that I didn't need one because we were going to grow our fabulous garden.

If you've been reading for a while, you might remember that last year's garden didn't pan out quite as expected.  We grew some delicious produce, but not enough to eliminate the need to buy produce at the grocery store, or to can a bunch as I had intended.

Then a friend told me about a local CSA that she participated in last season.  Hooray!  So, I looked into it and liked what I found.  And today, I became an Official Member of our CSA!  And it was my Joyful Moment!  I can't wait until April when the bounty of goodness begins!

Wishing you all bountiful Joyful Moments!


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Knowing you found a CSA is my joyful moment. I am so lost without my weekly Harvest Basket. Given our climate, I won't start getting mine again until May... but we've been extended from 26 weeks to 28.

Meg said...

oh i want that! how do you find out about ones in your area?

Linda said...

And I can't wait to grow stuff in our own yard! Scott told me about square foot gardening and I'm reading so we can do it. As soon as we cut down the trees where our square foot garden will be. :)

My joy was helping Meg in prep for her wisdom tooth removal next week. And making Wyatt giggle in the waiting room.

Anonymous said...

PS... I'm also thrilled to bits to see the CSA philosophy catching on more and more.

Eat locally and in season!

Then again

Cheryl said...

Gus, I don't think I would have paid any attention to my friend here if you hadn't gotten me so interested by all the info you shared. Thank you Thank you! I am SO excited about the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I'm so happy you found one in your area. Not only is the produce better, but it also carries a far smaller carbon footprint. Better for you and the planet. A lovely win-win situation all the way around.

Of course your mom's solution would be the best (growing your own), but I'm afraid that, like you, my gardening results don't live up to expectations. ;-(

(PS I was interrupted during my previous comment and hit "publish" before finishing... Can't remember what I was about to add... duuuh!)