Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 398: Seasons of Love

I once read about there being four seasons of love in relationships and how we cycle through them.  If that is the case, HH and I seem to have hit Spring again.  Seriously, I feel like a young'un again.  Just very in love and giddy with my man.  And he's taken up this habit of telling me how pretty/beautiful/sexy I look about every five minutes.

And I love it.

A month ago, I couldn't have told you the last time we went on an actual date.  Our weekend nights consisted of watching a movie borrowed from the library while eating either popcorn or ice cream.  But now, we've done something fun the last three weekends in a row!  And it's been fantastic.  Maybe it's silly, but when we re-did our budget for the year (we were behind, so we didn't do this until February), we realized that we really needed to increase our "Entertainment" category to allow for dating.  Because if our relationship isn't worth investing in, then what is, really?

So far, we have seen some very high dividends!

Tonight, we joined two other couples and went to the temple.  We haven't been in about a year because it's an hour and a half away, plus the time there, and then the drive back and I couldn't leave Baby B for that long.  But, now I can, so we went.  And it was so so so wonderful!

After we all went to dinner.  So much fun and so much conversation.  And delicious food.  Followed by amazing cheesecake.  Yum.

Joyful Moments throughout.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments throughout!


Melanie said...

Two Thumbs up! We have the same issue with the temple...about two hours away. It's been an amazing experience to have the children come to the temple with us. While the one stays with the kids the other goes into work and then we switch. It is has been a real blessing in developing our children's testimonies of the temple.... Something I never thought about before.

Linda said...

I was asked to drive a woman to her dialysis this morning and pick her up this aftrnoon. She was such an inspiration - and it was a privilege to be around her. She's right up there with the handcart pioneers, and I am in awe of those who fight their own battles in such courageous ways.