Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 403: Manly-Cotti

HH LOVES manicotti.  I did too.  Until I became pregnant with Little M.  Ever since then I've HATED ricotta cheese.  And I used to love the stuff.  Pregnancy hormones are very powerful things.

So, every time I ask HH for help with the menu, he request manicotti.  And I look at him with disgust while I try not to vomit.  And he never learns.  And then I came across a recipe for a manicotti with ground beef and sausage in it a few weeks ago.  I was most surprised that it actually sounded almost good to me.  I'm not really a huge meat lover.  But, since it sounded bearable and my man is constantly requesting it (and he is a meat lover), I figured I'd better make it.

And making it for him today was a Joyful Moment.  As was the look of delight on his face when he came home and asked what we were eating for dinner.

Unfortunately, it turns out that he's a purist with his manicotti (I had shown him the recipe previously and he got all excited about it.  I assumed that was because it was his beloved manicotti made even better by the presence of meat.  But now I'm thinking he never got past the title and just was excited that I was considering it).  He liked it okay, but I could tell it wasn't the dining experience he'd been anticipating.  So, we're back to square one.  But creating a dish I thought my man would love was still a Joyful Moment.

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that are still appreciated even after the first bite!


Kristen said...

We subsitute riccota for cottage cheese in our dishes. I am not a riccotta girl.

Melanie said...

Thin Mint anyone? :)

Linda said...

Tonight was our RS birthday celebration and I had to talk myself into going since I still don't know many of my neighbors. Then I remembered that the way to make it fun was to think about someone besides me. And that did the trick - I had a fabulous evening.