Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 406: Shopping!!!

My 40 days ended today.  I kind of burned out on the 40 bags thing halfway through.  But I'm still proud of all I cleared out.  And it's not like the junk in the rooms and closets I didn't get to is stuck there now.  I know I'll get the "de-junking bug" again.

I haven't really missed shopping.  It's been nice to just automatically toss all ads into the recycling bin.  I think I appreciate the time it's saved even more than the money.  That being said, I woke up this morning a little excited about the fact that I can now open the emails I get from my favorite store about their sales.  I only get emails because the closest store location is over an hour away.  But I was thinking about how I needed a few more pieces in my wardrobe and how I pretty much only want to get them from my favorite store.

Then I came downstairs and opened an email from a friend informing me that we are getting one here in our town next month!!!!  At the mall that's close to me!!!!!

It was my Joyful Moment and I could have died happy.  Pathetic?  Maybe.  But I'm still WAY excited!!

Wishing you all Joyful Moments that aren't the least bit pathetic!

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Linda said...

My joy was in spending the morning one on one with your big sis. Somehow the 2 of us ended up alone except for 2 cute sleeping babies and got to talk... and talk.